Meet our Core Team.

Marek Zygmunt

CEO - Co-Founder
A web developer with over 11 years of commercial experience. A lover of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Author of a series of e-books on investing in cryptocurrencies. Creator of several online stores and startups. His hobbies are board games.

Ariel Kowalczyk

COO - Co-Founder
Data Science Engineer and mathematician. Top player in Ogame, Tribal Wars and many other browser games. Long time owner of an online TCG store. Huge fan of board games. Blockchain technology fanatic.

Jakub Netza

Lead Designer
Graphic and motion designer with over 15 years of commercial experience. He had the opportunity to work on the projects of many well-known brands like BMW, JTI, Allianz, Generali and many other. Fan of sci-fi and new technologies.
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