To explore nearby lands, you will need to hire a Commander.

Hiring a Commander

To hire a Commander, click on the "Hire Commander" button or on the empty circle above the Radar.

Hiring a Commander always costs 100 Amero, and it's a one-time fee.

During the game, you can have a maximum of two commanders.


Each commander initially has 10 Attack, 10 Defense, and 10 Life. These stats can be increased by assigning units to the commander.

In Space Cartels, there are three types of units, each corresponding to a different statistic:

  • Blitz Striker - 1 Attack Point,

  • Defender Titan - 1 Defense Point,

  • Lifeline Copter - 1 Life Point.

You can assign a specific number of units to each Commander, depending on the Commander's reputation. Each reputation point allows for 10 units to be assigned. This means if a commander has 3 reputation points, you can assign 30 units to them.

Commander's Reputation

A hired commander initially has a Reputation at level 1 - which means you can assign a maximum of 10 units to them.

You can increase the reputation in two ways:

  • Paying for commander training with 25 Iron Ore and 25 Copper Ore in the "Training" tab.

  • Fighting with other players for territories. Each territory occupied as a result of combat gives us 1 reputation point for a bronze tier, 2 points for a silver tier, and 3 points for a gold tier.

Every 5 levels of reputation gained gives our commander 2 Movement Points.

Commander Boosts

A hired Commander initially has random percentage boosts to various stats, totaling 30.

These boosts increase the commander's base stats in combination with assigned units.


If our commander has a 10% attack boost, assigning 100 attacking units increases the commander's attack statistic by 110 - the base 100 + 10% boost.

Boosting with Equipment

We can increase the default boosts of a commander by equipping them with gear. Equipment can be obtained by looting territories from the "Territories" tab - more on this later.

Example Our commander was assigned the following boosts upon hiring:

  • Attack: 10%,

  • Defense: 5%,

  • Life: 15%.

If we equip the commander with a weapon that provides an 11% attack boost, the commander's boosts will look as follows:

  • Attack: 21%,

  • Defense: 5%,

  • Life: 15%.

Boosting with Crystals

Commander boosts can also be increased with crystals produced in the Laboratory.

Each crystal gives our hero a 2% boost for two different stats.

In Space Cartels, attack, defense, and life are associated with specific colors:

  • Attack - red,

  • Defense - blue,

  • Life - orange.

Based on this, it's easy to visually determine that a red-blue crystal will give us 2% Attack and 2% Defense, and an orange-blue crystal will give 2% Life and 2% Defense.

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