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If you're just beginning your journey with Space Cartels and want to learn how to play, start with this: First Steps Guide.
Only then return to this document to learn more advanced gameplay details.
Space Cartels is an economic turn-based game where we take on the role of a Drug Cartel Boss on Planet X in the year 2266.
The game is divided into Seasons lasting up to 21 turns, with each turn lasting 8 hours.
Making moves in each turn takes about 15 minutes, making it an ideal game for busy individuals who don't have time to dedicate hours to a game.
In Space Cartels, we play in our free time - essentially when we would normally be scrolling through Social Media.

Game Objective

The goal of the game is to invest and multiply the resources we receive in the Starter Pack as efficiently as possible.
The greater the net worth of our cartel on the settlement day (after the Season ends), the higher our position in the ranking, which translates into a larger share of the collected USDC pool.
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