Territory Exploration


If we want to move our commander, we just need to select them from the list of commanders above the Radar, then click on the Radar tile to which we want to move.

Each tile costs our commander 1 Movement Point.

Moving diagonally will cost 2 Movement Points.

If our commander runs out of Movement Points, we must wait until the next turn before we can move them again.

Territory Information

By clicking on any of the territories on the Radar, we can see detailed information about it. The most important information includes:

  • Deposit: tells how much of a given resource you will passively earn per turn if you occupy that territory.

  • Required Power: information about how much power your commander must have to occupy that territory.

  • Net Worth Boost: means that if we occupy this territory and keep it until the end of the game, we will receive a certain % boost to our total net worth in the ranking of all players.

Bronze territories always require 50, silver 80, and gold 150 Power Points.

Occupying Territories

If a territory is empty (as will always be the case at the beginning of the game), we can occupy it without a fight. However, our commander must have a sufficient number of Power Points.

Power Points are the sum of all our commander's stats (after adding boosts). So, if our commander has: Attack: 10, Defense: 10, Life: 15, then they will have 35 Power Points.

If our commander has enough Power Points to occupy a territory of a given tier, we must first move to it by clicking on the territory and pressing the "Go to Territory" button.

Once our commander is on the territory, we can occupy it by clicking on "Occupy Territory".

From this point on, we can no longer move with this commander, and the occupation will only occur in the next turn, unless... a fight occurs with another player.

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