In Space Cartels, combat occurs in two cases:

  1. Another player's commander wants to occupy the same empty territory as us. In this case, there is a fight between the commanders.

  2. A player already occupies a given territory and is attacked by another player. Then, there is a fight between the commander and the territory's defense.

If a fight occurs, it is always resolved at the end of the turn.

Combat Between Commanders

If a fight between commanders occurs, the winner occupies the contested territory, while the defeated commander dies.

A commander who has died loses their entire army, but they can be resurrected along with all equipped gear using the Graveyard building - more on this later.

Commander Combat with Territory Defense

If we attack a territory with our commander that is already occupied by another player, we fight the defense of that player.

Defense is built in the Defense Center - more on this in a moment.

If victorious, we reclaim the territory from the other player.

Course of Combat

During combat, the attacker and defender attack the exact same number of times.

How we deal damage to the opponent is calculated as follows:


Let's assume our commander's attack statistic is 30 points.

During an attack, we have an 80% chance to attack with a value between 50% to 100% of our total attack statistic and a 20% chance to attack with a value between 0 to 50% of our attack statistic.

Therefore, our commander has:

  • 80% chance to attack with a value between 15 - 30 points.

  • 20% chance to attack with a value between 0 - 15 points. The minimum value of our attack is 10% of the total statistic, so in this case, we will never attack for less than 3 points.


Then, the opponent's defense is calculated in exactly the same way and subtracted from the value of our attack.

If, as a result of these calculations, our attack amounts to 10 points and the opponent's defense to 4 points, it means we will deal 6 points of damage.

The minimum damage every commander deals is 1 point - even if the opponent's defense completely negates our attack.


Finally, the opponent's life is reduced by the value of the damage dealt.

The combat continues until one of the sides has negative life.

Summary of Combat

The fight is won by whoever has more life left at the end of the combat.

If both opponents have negative life after the fight, each of the commanders loses their entire assigned army, but only the commander who lost the fight dies.

Conversely, if one commander has negative life (HP) and the other is left with 20% HP, the victorious commander loses 80% of units - proportionally to the life they have left.

Fights in Space Cartels take place automatically at the end of each turn. If any fights occurred, at the beginning of the next turn, we receive a report summarizing the results of all combats.

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