The Graveyard is the place where all units lost during combat and deceased commanders go.

Resurrecting a Commander

You can resurrect a deceased commander at any time by paying 1 Soul Stone.

By default, every player initially has 2x Soul Stone. Additional Soul Stones can be acquired by gaining influence in the Nightclub.

The resurrected commander retains the same reputation, boosts, and equipment they had before death.

However, units need to be resurrected separately.

Resurrecting Units

Whenever you lose any units during the game, they go to the Graveyard - from where you can resurrect them at any time, paying 1 Soul Stone.

Each Soul Stone resurrects a maximum of half of the units that are in the Graveyard.


Remember to use Soul Stones wisely, as you can only acquire a maximum of 6 stones throughout the entire season.

Moreover, you always resurrect only half of the units that went to the Graveyard, so the more you accumulate - the more units you resurrect for the same cost (always 1x Soul Stone).

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