Each resource in the game is subject to the law of Demand and Supply.
In Space Cartels, you can trade almost any resource any number of times per turn. Most resources have the same buying and selling price, which means that if you accidentally buy 10 units of Steel for 60 Amero, you can sell it without loss and get back 60 Amero.

Law of Supply and Demand

The price of each resource is variable and adjusts every turn, depending on whether purchases or sales of that resource by players dominated in the previous turn.
In the first turn, players of a given season sold a total of 100 units of steel and purchased 110 units, resulting in demand exceeding supply by 10 units. Such a situation means that the price of steel in the second turn will increase by 4.76%. The price of a resource can never fall or rise by more than 7% per turn.

Trading in Illegal Resources

On the Market, you can also trade in resources that are illegal on Planet X, which means we must obtain them from shady sources. The purchase price of each illegal resource is 3 times higher than the selling price. Examples of illegal resources are seeds and plants.


During the game, you can click the image of any resource to display its price on the Market. Next to the price, you will find a shopping cart button, clicking which you can go directly to trading that resource.
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