Contracts are one of the most important elements of the game that can earn you a lot of Amero - especially at the beginning of the gameplay. Therefore, it's beneficial to aim for obtaining a contract already from Turn 1.

On the left side of each contract, you will find the required resources you must deliver, and on the right, the reward in Amero you will receive upon fulfilling the contract.

Contracts are very profitable at the beginning of the game because the required resources can simply be bought on the Market, and the Amero reward is much higher than their total purchase cost.

Available Contracts

The pool of available contracts changes every turn. Each turn, 9 completely new contracts will be drawn - 3 for each Tier.

All players have exactly the same contracts to choose from.

Contract Tiers

Contracts are divided into 3 tiers - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The higher the tier, the harder it is to meet its requirements, as it will be more difficult to acquire the required resources.

Therefore, at the beginning of the game, it is worth focusing on contracts from the Bronze tier, for which resources can simply be bought on the Market.

Signing Contracts

To sign a given contract, you do not need to have the resources indicated in the requirements (Requirements), because you will be able to fulfill each contract only in the next turn after signing it.

However, you must have the appropriate Territories.

The next section will explain how to acquire territories.

Above the tabs for choosing the tier, you will find information about the Territories you possess.

This information is displayed here because each owned Territory provides 1 Slot.

Territories, just like contracts, are divided into 3 tiers (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), which means that having 2 Bronze Tier Territories allows you to sign 2 Bronze Tier Contracts in each Turn.


By clicking on the highlighted Amero icon in the middle between the resources - you will receive information on the cost of all required resources if you wanted to buy them on the Market.

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