If we have occupied a territory, we can fortify it.

The cost of fortification is 1000 Iron Ore and 1000 Copper Ore. Resources spent on fortification are included in the net worth of our cartel in the player ranking.

Fortification occurs in the next turn, provided we don't lose the given territory during combat. If the territory is taken over by another player, we receive a full refund of the resources we spent on Fortification.

What does a fortified territory provide?

If a territory is fortified, it cannot be attacked by another player until the end of the game.

Moreover, if a player manages to fortify 6 territories, it automatically triggers the game's end condition - meaning the next turn will be the last one.

The player who achieved this condition receives a 100% bonus to the value of their entire net worth in the player ranking.

In such a case, the game lasts fewer than 21 turns.

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