The game starts without having any industrial building. Both construction and expansion of buildings always cost a certain amount of Steel and Copper - the higher the level of expansion, the more it costs.
Each of the buildings in the Base has a very similar layout.


At the top, we see the production costs, and at the bottom, we can set the quantity we want to produce.
For the building from the screenshot above, you must pay 100 Iron Ore and 20 Uranium to extract 100 units of Steel.
Uranium is a kind of fuel in Space Cartels and will be used in most buildings.
Additionally, "Max Production" tells us that we can extract a maximum of 100 units of steel per turn.


Next to the information about costs and maximum production, we can see Upgrade buttons, which will allow us to upgrade a given building and thus reduce costs or increase production per turn.
Each building in our base (except for the Farm) has the possibility to develop two upgrades:
  • "Production Cost" upgrade - allowing to reduce extraction costs,
  • "Max Production" upgrade - allowing to increase production per turn.