On the Farm, we can plant seeds and harvest the yield in the form of various kinds of hallucinogenic flowers.

We can build up to 3 Farms, each of which allows us to purchase one plot.

Each plot costs 250 Amero.

A plot consists of two spots, and we can plant 40 seeds on each, but by developing the appropriate technology, we can increase this number to 77 seeds per spot.


Each plot always yields crops in the next Turn. Then, we can harvest the flowers from it and immediately plant new ones. The number of flowers that will sprout is always the same as the number of seeds planted.

However, there is a 5% chance of fertilization, resulting in seeds instead of flowers. The number of seeds that can sprout is random and ranges from 3 to 6 times the number of seeds planted.


By planting 40 seeds, we have a 95% chance that the harvest will be 40 flowers and a 5% chance that the harvest will be seeds in the amount between 120 - 360 pieces.

Technologies on the Farm

On the Farm, we can develop the following Technologies:

  • Technology increasing the chance for successful crops. By default, the chance for successful crops (i.e., that anything will sprout) is 60%. However, we can increase this chance to even 100% by developing the appropriate technology. If the crops fail, you will not have any benefits from the planted seeds, and additionally, you will have to pay 5 Uranium to clean the given spot.

  • Technology increasing the capacity of our plots, allowing us to plant more than 40 seeds at the same time.

  • Technology that reduces the Uranium cost for sowing and harvesting. This technology works on all farms, types of plants, and plots simultaneously.

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