Here, you have collective access to all the territories you occupy. You can easily check which territories you lost in the last turn and where you managed to defend.

Collecting Deposits from Territories

As you remember, one of the statistics for each territory is "Deposit" - information on how much resource the territory passively earns per turn.

In the Territories tab, simply click the "Claim all Deposits" button, and the resources from all occupied territories will be automatically collected.

You can collect resources only once per turn.


By pressing the "Plunder" button, we can plunder the territories we occupy and obtain equipment that we can assign to commanders and territorial defense (in the Defense Center).

We can plunder any number of times per turn.

Plundering always costs 100 Amero, but it's not always successful.

The default chance for a successful plunder is 50%. Additionally, each occupied territory increases these chances by respectively:

  • Bronze tier: 1%,

  • Silver tier: 2%,

  • Gold tier: 3%.

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