Play & Earn

1 DMT = 1 USDC

Starter Pack

Players wanting to join the Season have to purchase a Starter Pack of Amero (the game's primary currency) by paying for it in Dark Matter (DMT).


DMT is an in-game “stablecoin” which is equivalent 1-1 to the dollar.
Thus, when we top up USDC in the game, we receive DMT points in exchange.
At the same time, we can sell DMT at any moment and receive USDC in our crypto wallet.

Initial Investment

  • FREE
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
Every player, when purchasing the Starter Pack, receives 10,000 Amero - regardless of how much they paid for the pack.
Starter Packs at different amounts are intended to allow more advanced/wealthier players to participate in larger pots.
However, it should be noted that players from all fields play simultaneously in the same Season.


In the free mode, we don't have to pay DMT for the Starter Pack, but the reward at the end of the week will be symbolic, and only a few of the best players will receive it.
This mode is intended to familiarize players with the game mechanics.
Advertisements are displayed in this mode.


For the $10 Season, earnings are as follows:
  • 25% of the best players: each of these players will receive a refund of the $10 spent on the Starter Pack and a prize ranging from $8.49 to $25.03 per person - depending on their ranking.
  • 25% of the next players: these players will only receive a refund of the $10 spent on the Starter Pack.
  • 50% of the worst players: these players will not receive any rewards. In the future, consolation prizes will be introduced for losers in the form of tokens needed to play in other productions of the Space Cartels stable.