Play & Earn

You can play from 1 USDC!

The entry ticket to the Season costs only 1 DMT. No additional investment is required.
DMT is an in-game currency, valued at a 1-to-1 ratio with the dollar. We can buy DMT at any time by paying with USDC on the Polygon network, as well as sell DMT and thus withdraw USDC to our crypto wallet. All these transactions are commission-free.

Prize Pool

Players reaching the Season build a prize pool, which is distributed at the end of the game based on their ranking.
The better we invest the resources we receive at the beginning of the game - the more valuable our cartel will be, and as a result, our ranking will be higher!

Space Cartels is a Game of Skill

In this game, only skills count - just like in Chess. We cannot gain an advantage by investing real money ($) in items that boost us.
If a player decides to play in the Season for more than the minimum $1, they still receive the same Starter Pack and are subject to the same rules. By playing for a higher amount, the player participates in several pools at the same time.
By playing for $3, we take part in the pool created by players playing for $1, $2, and $3.
This means that by playing for a higher amount, we multiply our potential win, but we are not stronger in the game itself.
If there are not at least 10 players willing to play for a given amount, the excess DMT is automatically returned at the beginning of the Season - without any commission.