Take a look at our Tocenomics.

Tokenomics Description

Seed, Private Sale

Allocations to VC funds and private investors.

Public Sale

Allocation for IDOs at Launchpads.


Rewards for adding liquidity to SPC-USDC (SPC-USDT) and DMT-USDC (DMT-USDT) pairs.
There will be 4.5% unlocked on TGE which will be used to add liquidity during Listing.


Pool for SPC Single Asset Staking rewards (see SPC Token Usage section for more).


Tokens that will be used to promote the Space Cartels game. Airdrops will be redeemable by performing certain in-game actions, such as:
  • Opening the first Mystery Box
  • Reaching level 10 of our character
  • Completing 10 Quests
  • Purchasing a Generator
  • Joining the Federation

Ecosystem Fund

Rewards for the community that will support the Space Cartels with their actions.


Allocation for influencers to advertise Space Cartels.


A pool for people who advise the Space Cartels project with their knowledge and experience.


Allocation for the Core Team that makes the Space Cartels game.


Tokens for other unforeseen issues that are not included in the above allocations. One way to use these tokens may be to burn them irretrievably.