Property rental

We can also rent properties in exchange for DMT.
If we don't currently have any Crafting Tickets or simply own multiple properties, we can rent them out in exchange for DMT.
If a property has a crafting time of 4 days, we can only rent the Property for multiples of that number, i.e. 4, 8, 12, 16... days.
When listing a Property for rent, we specify how many days we want to rent it for and what the final rent price will be.
Many players will be interested in renting out a Property because they cannot afford it financially and will want to exchange their winning Tickets for NFT equipment.
There may also be a situation where we own a property that allows us to craft a maximum of Tier 3, and we own a Tier 1 Ticket that we won in the Federation Wars. At this point, we are also forced to rent a suitable Property to unpack our Ticket for some NFT Equipment for our character.