Play to Earn

Find out how to play to earn and receive Dark Matter Tokens (DMT).

Daily Quests

Every day, we will start our gameplay in Space Cartels by choosing Quests, which we will have time to complete until the next day.

There are two types of Quests in Space Cartels:

  • Economic – supplying various resources to merchants
  • Military – fighting against other players' Cartels
For completing each Quest, you will receive Dark Matter Tokens (DMT) as a reward.
Each Quest costs a certain amount of Energy (ENG), which is provided by the Generator (more on that in a moment). The more Energy a Quest costs, the more DMT Tokens you will receive for completing it.
You will be able to sell these tokens at any time on the cryptocurrency exchange for Real Money (stablecoins) or use them in the game (more in the DMT Token Usage section).
In addition to DMTs, you will gain experience for each Quest you complete, which will increase your character's level.
Every 10 levels, you will gain access to more challenging Quests that allow you to earn more DMT Tokens each day.
The Quests that allow you to earn the most are at level 100.