Generator price

We protect the wealth of our players through a fixed generator price.
Our primary goal is to protect the assets of all players, therefore the price of the Generator is fixed and is always equivalent to $300 (in stablecoins).
You can stop playing Space Cartels and sell your Generator at any time. All you have to do is to click the "Sell" button and your Generator will automatically be queued for sale on our game marketplace for $300 (in stablecoins).
You do not have to worry about its value decreasing.
You cannot sell the Generator for less or more than $300 (in stablecoins).
When selling the Generator, your only cost will be a small - 5% commission, which we will charge in exchange for the use of our marketplace. So when your Generator is sold, you will receive $285 (in stablecoins) back to your wallet.
In the Contributor Commissions section, you can find out what we will use the collected commissions for.