Federation Wars

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Each week, a new Federation War begins, in which we compete with two other Federations (with a similar number of members).
The summing up takes place at the end of the week, and the members of the winning Federation receive prizes in the form of NFT Tickets which enable them to craft valuable pieces of equipment (more on this in a moment).
These tickets are divided into 6 Tiers, where Tier 1 are the rarest and most valuable tickets, and Tier 6 are the most common tickets.
When the Federation to which you belong wins the Federation War, each of its members will receive one NFT Ticket. The Tier of the Ticket received will depend on how much a particular member of the Federation contributed to winning the war.

How to contribute to winning the Federal War?

The war is won by the Federation, which fulfills several conditions, but the most important of them is the number of Glory Points received for the Federation Quests completed by all its members.

How to get Federation Quests?

When opening Mystery Boxes, you will sometimes find items that you do not need at the moment. These items can be sold at the game market or exchanged for Federation Energy (FENG).
1 Crystal = 1 FENG
FENG is the in-game currency used to acquire Federation Quests. The more FENG a Quest costs, the more Glory Points you will earn for completing it.
The Glory Points you earn bring the Federation you belong to a step closer to victory in the weekly Federation War.
In addition, every day, the game will automatically select 10% of players from all 3 Federations with the highest number of Glory Points earned on that day. The system will then distribute the DMT reward among them. The greater the number of members in the Federations participating in the War, the greater the reward.
Taking part in the Federation Wars gives us a chance to earn extra DMT tokens - in addition to those which we gain by completing Daily Quests (not connected with the Federation).
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