Space Cartels
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A federation is an association made up of dozens of Cartels that will work together.

Creating a Federation

A new Federation may be created only when all other Federations have the maximum number of members possible.
When the opportunity to create a Federation arises, an auction will begin, lasting 24 hours. At this point, players will be able to bid by blocking a certain amount of DMT tokens.
The player who wins the auction will become the Federation Leader and his tokens will be irretrievably burned.
The other bidders' tokens will be unlocked.

What benefits do we have as a Leader (founder) of the Federation?

After creating a Federation, the role of the Leader is to give it a name, color, logo and description. Once the Federation has 27 members, it can begin to fully function.
As a Federation Leader, you will receive 10% of the value of the rewards gained by all the members of the Federation you own.
If, on a given day, two members of our Federation were in the top 10% of the 3 federations and received a total of 600 DMT as a reward, then as a Leader we receive 60 DMT.
Additionally, being a Federation Leader, we receive as much as 20% more DMT for completing each Daily Quest (more about that in a moment).

Federation structure

At the top of the structure of the Federation is its creator, with the title of Leader.
Other members can advance in the structure in return for their involvement in the Federation Wars. The more Glory Points a member has earned since the creation of the Federation, the higher their ranking will be.
A high ranking in the Federation has a positive effect on the amount of DMT you receive for completing Daily Quests:
  • Federation Membership - 5% more DMT
  • Officer - 10% more DMT
  • Captain - 15% more DMT
  • Leader - 20% more DMT
Each time a member of the Federation is promoted to the position of Captain (the highest position other than Leader), they create an additional structure, thus contributing to the growth of the Federation.
The growth of the Federation means that it will be able to accommodate more members.