Crystals can be found in almost every Mystery Box.

There are two types of Crystals:

  • Economic – which will help you complete Economic Quests
  • Military – which will help you complete Military Quests
Crystals are easily accessible as they are found in almost every Mystery Box. However, you must keep in mind that there are a lot of Crystals in the game with completely different functions. This means that very often when you open a Mystery Box, you will miss out on Crystals that you would find very useful at the moment.
This is not a problem, because you can sell the misplaced Crystals to other players at the game market for DMT Tokens and buy the ones you need at the moment.
Crystals trading will be commonplace in Space Cartels, so you can sell and buy them literally from anywhere in the game without having to visit the marketplace.
Moreover, the price of Crystals in DMT will be set automatically by the game engine, acting on the law of supply and demand.
This means that players will not have to think about the valuation of their Crystals, which will make trading much easier and faster.