What are Mystery Boxes?

All the information you need about Mystery Boxes are here.
Mystery Boxes are inspired by card packs from Hearthstone or Boosters from Magic: The Gathering. The difference is that in Space Cartels you don't pay the game developers to generate Mystery Boxes, but you burn DMT tokens irretrievably. This way you reduce the amount of DMT tokens in circulation.
A Mystery Box will contain 5 random items. In each opened Mystery Box you will find various items that will help you complete Quests and level up your character faster.
But most importantly, from time to time you will come across a Generator (worth $300 in stablecoins) or a Special Reward.
Over time, more and more valuable items from NFT and special tokens needed for our card game will be added to the Mystery Boxes, which you can learn more about in the Long Term Sustainability section.
Below you will find a description of some of the items that will be most common in Mystery Boxes.