The Marketplace is where we can trade all legal resources on Planet X, such as:
  • Iron Ore,
  • Copper Ore,
  • Uranium Ore,
  • Steel,
  • Copper,
  • Uranium.
The prices of these resources are subject to supply and demand and change every Turn. This means if players of a given Season buy more Steel than they sell in the current Turn, the price of Steel will rise in the next Turn.
There is a restriction in the Marketplace that prevents the sale of a type of resource for 3 Turns after its purchase.
So, if you buy 100 Steel in the current Turn, you won't be able to sell any Steel on the Marketplace for 3 Turns (not even a single unit).
You can still buy Steel, but remember, this will extend the restriction by another 3 Turns.
This restriction aims to combat multi-accounting, which could manipulate the resource market for personal gain.