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This building can have a maximum of 3 levels.
Each time we build/expand a mine, we can choose which resource it will extract from:
  • Iron Ore,
  • Copper Ore,
  • Uranium Ore.
Remember, each subsequent mine level is more expensive, just like with all buildings. Therefore, we should prioritize mining the resource we value most.
If our mine is at level 3, we can extract all 3 of the mentioned resources in one Turn.
To extract a particular resource in a Turn, we need to provide a certain amount of Uranium. Uranium is essentially the fuel in Space Cartels and is used in most buildings.
The mine allows for the extraction of a specific amount of each resource per Turn. This amount can be increased by developing Extraction Technology - separately for each resource.
We can also develop a Technology that reduces extraction costs, meaning we'll need to provide less Uranium for each unit of ore extracted.
We pay specific resources (steel or copper) for the development of all Technologies in the game. Each level of technology costs more than the previous one.