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On the Farm, we can plant seeds and harvest crops in the form of various plants.
The Farm has no level limit, so we can expand it indefinitely. Each level of the Farm provides a space to purchase one plot.
To purchase a plot, we must pay for it in Amero. Each subsequent plot costs more than the previous one.
Each plot consists of two spots. On each spot, we can plant 100 seeds - these can be seeds of two different plants or the same ones.
Every plot always yields crops in the next Turn. At that time, we can also collect plants from it and immediately plant the next ones.
Harvesting and sowing are two different actions, so we don't have to wait until the next Turn to perform them.
Both sowing and harvesting require the payment of a specified amount of Uranium.

Obtaining Seeds on the Farm

From the seeds planted in a particular spot, both female and male plants can grow.
The female plant means successful harvests, as the flowers of this plant contain psychoactive substances, making them ideal for trade.
The male plant means unsuccessful harvests because its flowers do not contain any psychoactive substances.
If we plant two identical plants next to each other (in the same quantity) on one plot and one of them grows into a male plant and the other into a female plant, pollination will occur. As a result of pollination, instead of flowers, we will receive large amounts of seeds of this plant.
The initial chance of a male plant growing is 40%. However, as part of Technology development, we can have the opportunity to manipulate this number.

Farm Technologies

On the Farm, we can develop the following Technologies:
  • Technology that allows us to decide on the chances of obtaining a male plant. With each level, we can decide whether we want to reduce or increase the chance of a male plant by 10%. This means that at the 3rd level of this technology, we can reduce the chance of a male plant to 0% or increase it to 60% - if we are counting on obtaining seeds.
  • Technology increasing the capacity of our plots, allowing us to plant more than 100 seeds at once.
  • Technology that reduces the Uranium cost when sowing and harvesting.