Each Season is divided into Turns. For a Season lasting 7 days, each Turn lasts 8 hours.
The game is designed so that players are not forced to log in at irregular hours (e.g. at night), and at the same time, to give them time to think about what they want to do during a particular Turn.
In practice, this means that in each Turn, we have 8 hours to perform our actions, and it doesn't matter whether we do them - 5 minutes before the end of the Turn or 5 minutes after the start of that Turn.
After performing any action, a Cool Down is initiated, meaning we must wait until the next Turn before we can perform that action again.
Assume the current Turn ends at 12:00. If we perform our actions at 11:55, our Cool Down will end at 12:00, allowing us to perform all actions again after waiting just 5 minutes.
However, after taking action at 12:00, we will have to wait 8 hours until the next Turn for our Cool Down to reset.

Game Start

Players can purchase Starter Packs only on the day the Season starts. This means that each player begins the Season at exactly the same moment, starting with the same resources (10,000 Amero).
On the Season's starting day, a Preparation Phase lasting 2 Turns (16 hours) takes place. This phase allows players to join the current Season by purchasing their Starter Packs with DMT.
In the Turn following the Preparation Phase, players can start performing their first actions.


Upon purchasing a Starter Pack, each player will automatically be assigned to one of 3 Districts - blue, yellow, or red.
After the end of the Preparation Phase, each district should have roughly the same number of players.

Global Events

These are events common to all players of a given District.
Each District is allocated the same pool of positive and negative events that affect only that District.
These events are set in random order in each District.
A player can check which events await them in the next 3 Turns. After each Turn, another event is revealed, so we always only see the next 3 upcoming events.
Moreover, every player can see the events awaiting players from other Districts. With this knowledge, we can make specific decisions regarding our game strategy.


Every Turn, a pool of contracts to be fulfilled is drawn. This pool is common for all players, regardless of which District they belong to.
Each player can only have as many active contracts as they have free slots. All players start with 1 contract slot, but during the gameplay, they can obtain more.
Contracts can involve all resources available in the game. In return for completing each contract, players receive a specified amount of Amero.
The amount depends on:
  • Types of resources - a contract may require 1 - 3 different types of resources.
  • Number of resources - a contract may require different numbers of resources.
  • Difficulty of obtaining resources - contracts for intermediate products like Iron Ore or Copper Ore will earn less Amero than contracts for Steel or Copper.
When selecting a contract for implementation, the following rules come into effect:
  • We cannot fulfill a contract in the same Turn in which we selected it.
  • We can't change to another contract until we complete the current one.
  • If we fail to fulfill a contract in the next Turn, we pay an Amero penalty of 10% of the contract value. Each subsequent Turn in which we fail to fulfill a contract is a penalty of another 10% of its value.

Bonuses for the next Turn

Before the end of each Turn, we can select one bonus, which we will receive at the start of the following Turn.
These bonuses are shared among all players of a given Season and are randomly drawn in each Turn.
Bonuses can be anything, from Amero to specific resources. Players should choose what they'll find most useful in the upcoming Turn.
In the statistics, we'll be able to see which bonuses were chosen by players in the previous Turn, which may assist us in making informed decisions.