Here we can trade seeds and plants.

Influences in Districts

At the beginning of the Season, each player is randomly assigned to one of the 3 Districts. This means that in this District, we have 10 - the highest possible level of influence. Our influence in the other two Districts is 0.
There are 6 different plants in the game, and each District has access to only 2 of them. This means that with our Dealer, we can only trade plants and seeds authorized by our District influence.
At the beginning of the game, we have a level 10 influence only in one District, so we can trade with the Dealer two plants and two seeds.
We can increase our influence by expanding the City Buildings. This development means that we have access to trade plants and seeds from the other Districts.
Access to trade based on influence is as follows:
  • Level 2 Influence - Access to trade plant A,
  • Level 4 Influence - Access to trade plant B,
  • Level 6 Influence - Access to trade seed A,
  • Level 8 Influence - Access to trade seed B.
  • Level 10 Influence - We receive an additional slot for a contract. Thus, in each Turn, we can choose two contracts to execute in the next Turn.

Trading with the Dealer

As a mafia boss, our goal is to focus on executing large contracts and avoid trading with the Dealer because his rates are much less profitable due to his imposed 400% margin.
At the beginning of the game, each plant and seed has a base price of 10 Amero. This means we can sell our plants to the Dealer for that price.
If we want to make a purchase from the Dealer, we have to pay 4 times more than the base price, so in this case, 40 Amero.
However, we must remember that the law of supply and demand also applies here, affecting the base price. So when many players sell a specific plant to the Dealer, the base price drops, and when many players buy it, the base price rises.
This means that if the base price drops to 9 Amero, that's how much we can sell the plant for. However, the purchase price in this case will be 4 * 9 = 36 Amero.


Remember that at the beginning of the game, the two remaining Districts do not have access to the seeds and plants from our District. As a result, they cannot execute certain contracts.
As the game progresses, players from other Districts will start gaining influence in our District and will also be able to trade plants we have access to.
This means that the more we sell to the Dealer, the lower the purchase price other players will have when they finally gain influence in our District.