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NFT Holders

To qualify for a reward from this pool, we must possess NFTs of Lands or Equipment and participate in that Season. If we did not participate, we would not receive a reward.
This pool will be divided as follows:
  • 75% of the pool will go to Equipment holders,
  • 25% of the pool will go to Land holders.


Our share in the pool will be directly proportional to the total statistics our equipment possesses. All equipment in our wallet will be taken into account.
Equipment was created with Arenas in mind. Alongside Space Cartels, a game called Space Cartels Arena will be developed, where we can directly compete with other Bosses.
There's a chance that when this game is launched, equipment will lose its utility granting a portion of the pool each Season and gain a utility increasing our Boss's power in the Space Cartels Arena game.
A decision on this matter is yet to be made, as it has its pros and cons.
If this happens, the pool for equipment holders will be transferred to rewards for those staking SPC tokens.


Participation in the pool will be proportional to the deposits we have on the Land:
  • Rare Land will receive 10 points,
  • Epic Land will receive 20 points,
  • Mythic Land will receive 35 points.
For Dalmatian Land it will be:
  • Rare Land will receive 25 points,
  • Epic Land will receive 40 points,
  • Mythic Land will receive 70 points.
If a person owns all 9 Lands, the total score will be increased by 15% - thus such a person will be entitled to a larger share of the pool.

Sample Calculations

Let's assume that 1000 players participate in the pool, and each plays for $10. Therefore, the pool contains $10,000. On the settlement day, NFT holders will receive 5%, so $500.
Land owners will get 25% of that, so $125.
For simplicity, let's assume that all Lands are the same and 70% of them participated in the Season - so 0.7 * 444 = 310 Lands.
Thus, for a given Season, each Land owner will receive $125 / 310 = $0.40.
Therefore, for Seasons lasting 7 days, we will earn monthly 30 / 7 * $0.40 = $1.71 - for each owned Land.
However, remember that we can participate in several Seasons at once, which will last longer but also shorter than 7 days. Additionally, in the calculations, we considered the cheapest Season - for $10, but there is also an opportunity to participate in more expensive Seasons (for $15 or $20), which will increase the total pool and thus the rewards for Land owners.
Thus, on each Land, we will earn a multiple of $1.71 - depending on our involvement in the game and the number of Seasons in which we participate.
Moreover, shorter Seasons will take place more often, so passive income for Land owners can be generated every 1, 3, 5 days - depending on the Season. This means that the shorter the Seasons we participate in, the more we will be able to play each month, and thus our profit from owned Lands will be higher.
For now, I'll assume we're moderately involved in the game, so we'll earn $1.71 * 3 = $5.13 per month for each owned Land with 1000 players.
This amount will increase depending on the number of players:
  • 1,000 players - $5.13 per month,
  • 10,000 players - $51.3 per month,
  • 100,000 players - $513 per month,
  • 1,000,000 players - $5130 per month.

Impact of the number of players on NFT holder rewards

As we can see in the calculations above, rewards for NFTs with a few players are negligible, but over time they become unimaginably large.
Therefore, the 5% reward for NFT holders will be scaled down as the number of players increases:
  • Up to 10,000 players - 5%,
  • 10,000 - 100,000 players - 4%,
  • 100,000 - 500,000 players - 3%,
  • Over 500,000 players - 2%.
All deducted percentages will be added to rewards for those staking SPC tokens.