The hallmark of the Space Cartels team is a shared passion for board games and blockchain technology. Our goal was to transform proven mechanics from the world's best board games into a unified, turn-based economic game accessible on mobile devices.

We achieved this! Space Cartels focuses on player skills, the game is perfectly balanced, requires strategic thinking, but doesn't consume too much time. Thanks to integration with blockchain technology, it offers not only excellent entertainment but also a real chance to earn money, combining pleasure with utility.

All of this wouldn't have been possible without such a great team!

Marek Zygmunt - Founder & CEO

Marek wrote his first line of code at the age of 12, and his favorite childhood reading was "Symphony in C++" by Jerzy Grębosz. Since then, programming has become his passion, and he has participated in hundreds of projects, including browser games for companies like Lays Maxx and TicTac.

His many years of experience have allowed him not only to develop programming skills but also to cultivate an excellent sense of graphic style and a deep understanding of marketing strategies. The icing on the cake is his excellent knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, where he has been since 2019.

Marek's extensive knowledge from many fields allows him to manage all aspects of the project effectively, thanks to a direct understanding of each of them. This makes him a true-blooded CEO.

Piotr Olech - Senior Graphic Designer

A web designer and animator with over 6 years of experience. Since childhood, his passion was drawing and experimenting with various graphic styles. He has worked on projects for brands such as Toyota and STOCK.

Klaudia Zygmunt - Project Manager

Klaudia is someone for whom the concept of "impossible" does not exist. Her approach to project management is characterized not only by efficiency but also by creativity in problem-solving and the ability to motivate the team.

Radosław Gross - Advisor

Radosław is a seasoned veteran in the cryptocurrency market, investing in many different projects at a very early stage of development. His portfolio includes projects such as GameSwift and Star Heroes. His knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and current trends is unmatched. Radosław is also a member of the Blockchain Ventures Hub team.


In addition to the individuals mentioned above, the team includes three high-class programmers and one designer/animator.

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